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Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ 4K IPS G-sync monitor review



Manufacturer: Asus
Price: R25,000
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4K, G-Sync and IPS all combined? Yes please


The price just screams high-end product

Bottom Line

Its pricetag puts it out of reach of most, but this monitor is a thing of beauty.

Posted January 28, 2016 by

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Sometimes a piece of hardware arrives that feels more like a piece of art than it rightly should be. The Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ has a formidable presence. A 27″ monitor with G-Sync with a 4K resolution is, in my current workspace, about as large as I want to go. 4K still feels like a pipe dream to me, but when a review monitor arrives with a Matrix Platinum GTX 980 Ti, who can say no to pushing a GPU and a monitor to the limits?

Moving around

At first I was slightly amused at the idea of a tiny joystick on the monitor. I thought it was going to be some overly large gimmick that made me miss good old buttons. It isn’t. The joystick is located just above the display’s buttons on the back of the screen. It can be used to navigate menus and selects options with a slight depress of the whole joystick. This, combined with the on-screen display menus being neat with almost no lag between various screens is just one of the touches that makes this screen feel premium. Touching on the premium, a thin bezel and a stand that allows easy pivoting, rotation and height adjustment add to the convenience here. I was able to lower the screen from its rather lofty maximum height to sit just above my central speaker, much closer to eye-level. My only issue is plugging cables into the back of the screen, as the inputs are at an angle on the back of the panel, very close to the stand. Its an awkward place to reach without moving the screen completely out of place.


No 144Hz?

Some users might find the lack of 144Hz a bit troubling, but when playing at 4K, not many people are going to be pushing max settings at 4K and aiming for that 144Hz. Besides, until DisplayPort 1.3 becomes commonplace, 4K @ 144Hz just isn’t possible. Still, the trade here means an IPS panel is used instead of a TN, which leads to a glorious picture quality and better viewing angles. When playing a longer title, like the open-world games, it is good to know that you can slouch down (yes its terrible but hey) and not lose that ‘sweetspot’ angle where colours and brightness are perfect. It isn’t as bright as some other monitors, but it still feels bright enough to give you a good tan if left on maximum brightness.

Having high contrast (550:1) and solid colour accuracy is great for gamers. While it might not be as good as a graphic designer’s monitor, this screen comes pretty accurate out of the box, good enough for pretty much everyone.

Games look absolutely amazing when using G-Sync. Open world titles like AC: Syndicate or Just Cause 3 look so much better without screen tearing and the contrast levels make those moments at sunset while enjoying a vista absolutely breathtaking.

If I was looking for a monitor to keep me happy for several years without feeling the need to upgrade, this would probably be it.


Screen size: 27 inch
Native resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
Refresh rate: 60Hz
Panel type: IPS
Display inputs: DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4
USB hub: 2x USB 3
Tilt: -5 to 20 degrees
Raise: Yes
Swivel: Yes
Other: Nvidia G-Sync, 10-bit colour, flicker-free panel, low-blue light settings.


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