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Ultimate Ears Roll review



Manufacturer: UE
Price: R2,500
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Waterproof | Good sound volume


Pricey | Poor bass performance

Bottom Line

If your lifestyle involves impacts, splashes, dirt and the like this speaker is great. If you are a couch potato, though those features just cost too much.

Posted February 15, 2016 by

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You are out on a picnic, or just got out of the canoes for lunch after a morning of rowing. It is quiet, but not the relaxing silence that you were after. You need something to stay awake and energetic, when someone pulls a small discus shaped object out and plays some music.

At least this is what I imagine happens. I have never gone on one of these crazy weekends or events, but in my mind this is where the Ultimate Ears Roll would get the most out of its durability.

This convex circle is a Bluetooth speaker with attitude. The thing survives being submerged in a jug, happily playing music all the time. The ports for charging the speaker are covered hidden behind a rubber door, but are waterproof in case you forgot to close the door properly.

Sound-wise I was pretty impressed with what the speaker is capable of. I used it while cooking and for background music during tabletop roleplaying sessions and it has nice clean highs, but fairly poor bass range. If you like feeling the bass, this device is not going to impress. What it lacks in warmth it makes up for in its clarity, and the battery lasted an entire roleplaying evening, which is more than I can say about some smartphones.


Being sturdy and capable of surviving a knock or a drop is pretty handy. I find that portable objects and tech that have the same constitution as old vases have missed the point. The speaker has a handy elastic band and hook built into it so that you can attach it to a backpack, or a tree or pretty much anything that is nearby, freeing up table space for other things. Like food. (Again, I am claiming ignorance of what people do in parks or on picnics or even during the day.)

This speaker is definitely targeted at a demographic that I am not a part of. This is for active people, who enjoy the outdoors and daytime and generally places where electronics wouldn’t survive. Those people will be interested in a light, portable speaker that lives a life as tough as them. For me, having clear sound without enough bass just doesn’t cut it, no matter how slick and waterproof it is.


Type: Portable

Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 40 mm

Weight: 330g

Channels: 2

Separate subwoofer: No

Connections: 3.5mm

Wireless Remote Control: No

Physical Dock: No

Bluetooth: Yes


RF: No

AirPlay: No

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