Posted March 20, 2017 by David Kozlowski in News

Laser warfare might not be that far away

Laser Weapons
It seems almost everyday there is tech news that reminds us that we really are living in the future. Take this latest news from military defense contractor Lockheed Martin for example regarding laser weapons. Two years ago the company developed a laser that was powerful enough to disable a truck from a mile away. Now the company has developed and successfully tested a laser that is twice as powerful as their first attempt that uses a 60 kilowatt fibre laser.

The lasers got their energy by combining multiple lower-power fibre-optic lasers to produce a single, higher-power beam, a method that promises a relatively straightforward path to ever more powerful weapons. The goal is to have laser weapons mounted to vehicles that can produce 100 kilowatt laser beams which could do some serious damage. Lockheed is hoping to get them in the battlefield by 2018.

Source: Cnet.com

David Kozlowski