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Google’s new Guetzli JPEG compression is up to 35% more efficient


Open any website and what do you see? Images. Pictures of cats, children, events, you name it, they are all over. We are to blame for this, as we capture and upload pretty much anything. Google wants to improve our time on the internet, especially image-heavy websites, by improving JPEG image compression.

A new open-source JPEG compression algorithm, called Guetzli, is up to 35% more efficient at compression of image files without the loss of image quality. This means smaller image sizes on websites without a loss of quality. Guetzli targets the quantization stage of the image compression process, which focuses on image quality. Google employed a new search algorithm that addresses colour perception and visual masking in a better way than simpler colour transforms are handled in current JPEG algorithms. The new algorithm takes more time to compress, but this doesn’t affect the end-user, who doesn’t get that extra CPU use.

In testing at Cornell University, Google says that 75% of users preferred the Guetzli-based image compression for like-sized image files.

Source: Kitguru

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