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US charges four Russians over 2014 Yahoo hack

Yahoo Hacked

Yahoo’s security breaches are well-documented and well-known by now, after affecting hundreds of millions of users. While Yahoo’s handling of the issue left a lot to be desired, US authorities have been looking for culprits of the attacks. The US Justice Department indicted four Russians in connection with the 2014 hack, two of which are believed to be spies.

Two of the Russians are claimed to work for the country’s FSB intelligence agency, or spies. This will be the first time the US has charged Russian official for cybercrime. The other two are your standard hackers, hired to help out with this specific job. One of these hackers was arrested in December, while the other was arrested this week in Canada. Because the US has no extradition treaty with Russia, it is possible only one of the people involved will face trial.

The charges include trade secret theft, wire fraud and economic espionage, with more charges probably being laid when  the trial happens.

Source: Kitguru

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