Posted March 15, 2017 by Garth Holden in News

Hate reCAPTCHA? Google’s new version is invisible


Do you hate proving you are not a bot? Sometimes you need to solve a simple problem, or type out a string of gobbledygook from a distorted image. This eventually was replaced with clicking on a button and while that isn’t as painful, it still slows down the process. Now Google has Invisible reCAPTCHA.

The invisible version was announced last year and now it is available for website developers. If a user has a web profile that looks, well, normal then reCAPTCHA leaves them alone. But if things come across like a bot or a suspicious user, then it drops out of invisible mode and a challenge has to be passed.

The new system uses machine learning and “advanced risk analysis that adapt to new and emerging threats.” No specific details on how the system checks if you are a bot were given, but would you really want to tell people that make bots what to look out for?

Yes, I am not a robot. I have a certificate from the robotics company right here that proves it.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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