Posted March 14, 2017 by David Kozlowski in Video

This is how you ‘cook’ a steak in 1 second using 20,000 volts

Backyard Science
A few scientists that have a YouTube channel called The Backyard Scientist decided to conduct a few experiments using high voltage. They managed to get their hands on four capacitors rated at 20kv and 25uf each – which can conduct a damaging amount of electricity, but just how damaging are we talking here? The guys passed the current through various objects such as a watermelon and as you would expect the watermelon lost that battle hands down.

Then they tried to cook a steak with the high voltage and managed to get a very interesting result. The steak looked like it was partially cooked, although it was very rare but they also blew a hole in the middle of the piece of meat in the process. Check out the electrifying action below.

David Kozlowski