Posted January 12, 2017 by Garth Holden in News

The European Union doesn’t like those browser cookie pop-ups either


In 2012 the European Union passed a law that required websites to warn visitors about browser cookies. These pop-ups are now everywhere, with many sites even pointing out the cookie notifications with messages along the lines of “We have to tell you that our site uses cookies, for some reason. Now it seems that the European Union doesn’t like the pop-ups either.

The proposal will remove pop-ups and website banners providing disclaimers on browser cookies. Instead the user’s browser preference will automatically apply to sites they visit. If this change happens then websites will get permission to track usage via cookies from your browser. If the user has cookies turned off in their settings, all websites will follow that rule.

If the proposal goes through, the changes will go into effect from May 2018. Protection of user privacy being removed due to an annoying box somewhere on your screen? Sounds pretty much just like how many people view security: nobody cares until something breaks or is stolen.

Source: Kitguru

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