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Video: Get a good look at the LG 4K OLED “Wallpaper” TV showcased at CES 2017


It’s hard to think that just over a decade ago many of us owned conventional tube TVs at home, and that HD was the next big step where TVs were heading. Since then LCD moved to LED, then OLED and now it’s time for Wallpaper TVs to take over in your lounge. At CES 2017 last week LG showed off their wallpaper TV that they’ve been working on for several years now. It’s just that it’s now got a rough launch date and price.

LG’s 65″ 4K OLED wallpaper TV will set you back (are you sitting?) $8,000. That’s about R110,000, excluding local import costs. Expect that to set you back around R150K. Just how thin it is? According to the below video from IGN it’s 0.15″ – roughly the thickness of the iPhone 7 (or most of your smartphones out there). Should you be in the market for it you’ll be glad to know that it’ll launch in March this year, though we expect it to be delayed locally.

How have they managed to make the TV so thin? Everything that makes it work is packed neatly into the soundbar that’s required for the TV to function, with a ribbon that’s attached between the TV and soundbar. Have a look at the below video to see for yourself:

We found the below video more detailed, though the pricing was not yet confirmed at the time:

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