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Oculus co-founder says mobile is the future of VR


Oculus initially found its home in the PC gaming community as a product for high-end enthusiasts. Since then the company has been acquired by Facebook and the scope has expanded, with mobile looking to be the next target.

Jack McCauley, Oculus co-founder, said at CES that the Rift’s price needs to be reduced, pointing to the GearVR’s success in selling over five million units. “It [The Rift] is heavy and it’s costly. They need to reduce the cost of it, and if that means sacrificing a few features which are incremental improvements, then that’s what they need to do.”

It is interesting for them to compare a $99 headset that uses a phone to a $600 headset that uses a high-end GPU, but Oculus might be able to operate in both price ranges to make more money. Oculus already helped Samsung with software support for the GearVR.

Source: Kitguru

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