Posted January 10, 2017 by Dawid Venter in News

Pacemakers are now vulnerable to hacking


The world of hacking is a scary prospect for many. When hackers aren’t stealing your personal information they’re working on ways to better their own lives and put others in harms way. Cars can now be hacked, which is expected in this day and age, but now it’s come to light that your pacemaker can also be hacked, and that’s definitely not something anyone who uses the device will want to hear.

It’s actually nothing new as researchers have warned for years that it could be a reality for users of the device. It’s just the first time that the US government via the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have publicly admitted that this is a cause of concern. Also, it’s not in reality the pacemaker that’s the problem, but actually the transmitter that’s connected to the cardiac device that transmits an RF signal that’s the culprit. This means that hackers could alter the transmitter to either drain the battery or send shockwaves that’ll give the user a heart attack, quite literally.

The good news is that no hacker has ever attempted this, so at least there’s that.

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