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Finch Shift lets you use motion control with mobile VR


VR is in two camps right now: the expensive versions with motion controllers and cameras that connect to a PC, and the mobile VR experience that is a lot cheaper. A new company called Finch Shift wants to bring the motion controller system to mobile VR without adding cameras or extra wires.

Adding hand controls really makes VR seem real as the interaction really helps take the experience to a different level. “We believe that Finch Shift VR Kit will accelerate consumers’ interest to virtual reality in the near future. The main reasons for slow market expansion have been limited functionality and low quality of content for mobile VR, and prohibitive costs of high-end hardware. With the Shift Kit, anyone who has a decent smartphone can play the best virtual reality games from SteamVR and mobile VR app stores,” said CEO Alexey Kartashov.

The Shift includes two trigger buttons for index and middle fingers, an analogue stick and five face buttons per controller. An armband provides hand tracking without the need for a camera, which Finch says provides “sub-centimeter accuracy”. Finch is working on adding room-scale tracking by the end of the year.

Finch is currently taking orders for developer kits at $179, with plans for a Kickstarter campaign soon.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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