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Yahoo was hacked, again, with a billion accounts stolen


Yahoo announced that more than one billion accounts may have been stolen in a new cyberattack. The company made the announcement after the markets closed on Wednesday, saying that unnamed attackers stole the accounts in August, in an attack that was “likely distinct” from the previously disclosed attack.

Yahoo’s statement said that the hackers may have stolen names, email addresses, telephone numbers, hashed passwords, dates of birth and some security questions and answers. Data like payment card data and bank account information is stored in a different system and it not thought to have been stolen.

Yahoo also admitted that the hackers may have developed a method to steal accounts without a password by stealing Yahoo’s secret source code.

“Based on the ongoing investigation, the company believes an unauthorized third party accessed the company’s proprietary code to learn how to forge cookies.”

Yahoo has invalidated the cookies, and has yet to say who is behind the attack, or whether it was state sponsored or not.

Source: ZDNet

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