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AMD has Ryzen with an eight-core CPU running at 3.4GHz+

Last week AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su said  “…we believe that there has been no innovation in desktops over at least the last five years.” Can Zen be the one to break that? For starters, Zen or Summit Ridge is no more, the first new CPUs will show up under the Ryzen brand, which AMD says it has tooled for the high-end desktop market.

Early leaks showed engineering samples running at 2.8GHz. AMD demonstrated a 3GHz version up against a Core i7-6900K which was limited to 3GHz for a test run in Blender. Now it looks like the base clock of the Ryzen model will be at least 3.4GHz.

AMD demonstrated the 3.4GHz chip up against the Core i7-6900K at its Technology Summit event. The test was a HandBrake-based video transcoding task and Ryzen scored a narrow win. It will be interesting to see how it fares in other tests, as HandBrake was probably picked because the chip excels in that test.

Ryzen makes use of something called SenseMi Technology. Three of its capabilities aim at optimising efficiency or maximising performance in thermal and power limits. Two others build intelligence into the architecture.

Ryzen-1 Ryzen-2 Ryzen-3 Ryzen-4 Ryzen-5

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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