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Cybersecurity think tank says Dyn attack was a practice run


The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), a cybersecurity think tank, published a paper which argues that future IoT devices need to be secure-by-design and that regulation is needed, especially when it comes to minimum security standards. Without improving security, ICIT warns that non-secure IoT devices could be used as weapons by rival nations.

Non-secure IoT devices often include backdoors or hardcoded credentials were used as attack vectors with Mirai, an open source botnet software. The amount of data sent to a website or service is enough to cripple or disrupt the target. Despite this, more non-secure IoT devices are entering the market and within a decade the attacks could be whole orders of magnitude larger. If this happened, an entire nation’s systems could be crippled by an enemy.

The full report, written by James Scott and Drew Spaniel of the ICIT, can be read here.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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