Posted November 22, 2016 by Garth Holden in News

PSA: Be careful, ɢoogle is not the same as Google


Scammers have been trying to trick people with links that look similar to the official URL for years but now someone worked out that using the Latin small capital G, or Unicode 0262 points to a different website while looking a lot like Google. Instead you end up on ɢoogle.

If you click on the link for ɢoogle with the slightly smaller G, you will end up at this address:


Not somewhere I think anyone wants to be, really. While most people will see a link to ɢoogle and ignore it, it is possible that someone you know, like your mother-in-law or gran will click on the link without even thinking twice about the G looking a bit small in Google, and end up on a harmful website. Which, of course, will become your problem. So don’t let your family go to bad links.

Source: The Next Web

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