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AMD unleashes Fury


After writing more “RUMOUR” articles than I care to admit AMD launched the latest AMD300 GPU family, the highly anticipated R9 Fury range and Project Quantum a small form factor PC that appears to pack a massive punch.

AMD spent a lot of time confirming what we already knew about the R7 300 and R9 300 GPUs but then set E3 alight when they announced the latest Fiji powered R9 Fury cards.

The R9 Fury X is targeted at enthusiasts and features a water cooling solution, 4096 GCN cores and 8.9 billion transistors. AMD claims that the Fury X and its liquid cooling could dissipate 500W but only has a TDP of 275W. Overclockers will be happy to hear that the board itself can provide 400A of current thanks to AMD using a 6-phase VRM circuit design.

The R9 Fury is air-cooled and may not be as overclocker friendly but like the Fury X, is expected to put out 1.5 times the performance per watt that the R9 290X was showing. Pricing of the Fury X starts at $649 and the air cooled Fury will start at $549.

Then in what I feel is the saving grace of AMD the R9 Nano was unveiled. A 6-inch GPU designed for small form factor PCs this card is ready to throw down with its bigger and older brother the R9 290X. AMD claims this small pack of dynamite has twice the performance of the 290X per watt, if this is true builders of Steam machines are going to lose their minds.


Finally AMD revealed something nobody had suspected, the small form factor PC – Project Quantum. “So what, it’s a Steam machine” I hear you say but what you might not know is that this little puppy has two Fiji GPUs. The PC is split into computing on the bottom half and cooling on the top half which makes the PC look magical.

I have to say, despite the glorified rebrand of the R9 300 and R7 300 series AMD has done something really great with the Fury range. I’m excited to see the official specs of these cards and how well they compare to the GTX 980ti but for now AMD has me excited about the brand again.

Expect the Fury X on shelves from June 24 and the Fury from July 14.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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