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Google Glass used in surgery training at Stanford University

Doctor Glass

Stanford University Medical School is adding Google Glass to the list of tools doctors learning to become cardiothoracic have at their disposal.

Partnering with live-streaming firm CrowdOptic, Google will be able to transmit the surgeon-in-training’s view from the operating room to instructors in real time. This will allow residents to get better feedback and instruction from surgeons.

Doctors are really happy with the use of Google Glass so far, as the first-person view (sorry, the surgeons call it point-0f-view) provides them with a lot more information to work with.

“The reaction [from doctors] has been that this changes the game,” said CrowdOptic co-founder and CEO Jon Fisher. CrowdOptic expects that the technology will offer a “paradigm shift” in surgical training.

CrowdOptic seals off other Glass apps when in use, preventing distractions from unwanted pop-ups, which means the residents can focus completely on learning as efficiently as possible.

Now as long as the surgeon doesn’t work out how to start watching some Rugby mid surgery, this could be a really good thing.

Source: CNET

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